Last Updated: Jan 16th, 2011

Below are the terms of use for this website.

Each participant in this website is making contributions on their individual behalf.

For those of you who are viewing this website, you may not copy a post in whole or part without the written consent of us, or the author of the post.

You may forward links to posts, you may tweet to your hearts content various posts.

You may comment on blogs, as long as you supply a legitimate email address that you actually check, and that you do not say anything abusive.

Not that we don't believe in profanity, we know it exists. But we think that we should keep this site clean so all ages can view it, even in their classrooms. So we expect you to watch your language and not say anything that would get us banned from a classroom or something.

The dudes that are contributing here, are not employees of this fund. The content here is generated by their submission and if they get in trouble for it it's their problem.

For those of you dudes that need to make similar statements, go ahead and do it.

By submitting content to this website, you are agreeing to have us distribute it on the web, and you understand that people will read it, comment on it, redistribute it, etc. If there are things that should not be said, or should not be disclosed, you acknowledge that you are savvy enough to withhold such information.

These terms of use may and probably will be updated over time to reflect specific changes.

~Website Admin


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