Last Updated: Jan 16th, 2011

Let's try to keep this simple.

For general viewers on the website, there is no magic method that we use to capture your identity or exploit you without you knowing.

For commenters on blog posts who actually have to give us your email address to post a comment; we will not distribute your contact information or email address to anyone. The only reason we collect email addresses is to ensure that you are a real person posting a comment and not some automated spamming device.

For those of you that email us directly or make a suggestion, etc. We will not distribute your contact information to anyone without your permission. However, we may use your name in content of the referral you have given to nominating a musician, etc.

If you are contacting us via email to make contact with a musician on the site, we will forward your request to that dude and let them decide to contact you.

For those of you that are press and contact us, we probably will keep you in our address book but not give your information to anyone else.

For those of you who are musicians - registered on the site, you have total control over what information is shared on the site in your profile management. It may be confusing to set it up the way you want, but play with it and you'll be able to share/hide whatever you want. Other than your profile, we won't share your contact information. If we get a press contact or another contact that wants to get your information, we will forward their request and let you decide if you want to follow-up.

There is no magic involved in these processes. It's called email and it's been around a while. This is not a big company thing so no need to worry about all those big conspiracy things.

This statement will probably be updated over time to reflect necessary changes.

I think that about sums it up.

~Website Admin


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